Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Book: Oxford Handbook of Material Culture Studies

We Were Modern

'We don't just study things. We study with things, and create new things in the process. If ever proof were needed, it lies in this monumental volume. Ranging across archaeology, anthropology, geography and science and technology studies, its contributing authors have worked with all sorts of things to create a text that not only places material culture studies on a secure footing, but will serve as a landmark for years to come.' (Professor Tim Ingold, University of Aberdeen)

'On the evidence of this Handbook, material culture studies has resisted becoming reduced to a staid academic discipline. In these essays, some assertive and combative, others reflective and inclusive, are found instead a remarkable enthusiasm that transcends traditional academic boundaries and topics to try and stay at the vanguard of intellectual debate. Whether through theories of exchange, or deposition, of art or personhood, contributors to this book seek new horizons that can also create bridges between historical disciplines such as archaeology and history with a whole range of social sciences such as anthropology and geography.

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