Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Photo for Today - The deity Henut-Mestjet, Brussels

Offering to Henut-Mestjet
Third Intermediate Period.
Necropolis north of Abydos
Limestone with some paint remaining
Musées Royaux d'Art et d'Histoire

Text from:

Thanks to Kat Newkirk for the above link with the following details

"This stela from the necropolis of Abydos was made for a woman whose name cannot be
read with certainty. It shows the owner of the stela accompanied by her daughter Asettanefret;
both wear long transparent robes, which only appear in outline. The mother holds a
libation vase in her right hand. A lotus flower projects from the unguent cone on top of her
head. The offerings, placed on a table, shaped like a lotus flower, consist of food and a large
boughet of lotuses. The owner worships a lion-headed goddess crowned with a large solar
disc with an uraeus; the deity is called Henut-Mestjet, a name not known from other

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CttCJim said...

amazing find! my exact reaction to this, as a chat log between me and my wife:

James Reinsch10:06 PM
ok this is weird… a lion-headed goddess with a sun disc and uraeus snake and holding an ankh but the tablet doesn’t name her Sekhmet
10:07 PM
clearly the same deity, but a totally unknown-elsewhere title
10:08 PM “She bears the epithet ‘Eye of Re‘”
10:08 PM
its totally her

Emrys10:09 PM

10:09 PM
loosely translate to “Mistress of the Dawn” is that not one of Her titles?

James Reinsch10:10 PM
eh its hard to tell, the internet is full of neopagan names for her
10:10 PM
but it would make sense
10:10 PM
my katamari of knowledge grows!