Sunday, July 18, 2010

Another review re "Chasing Mummies"

Passionate About History (Mary Harrsch)

The trailers I watched for the new History Channel series "Chasing Mummies" piqued my interest and the "Show me the mummy" play on words brought a smile to my lips. But I'm afraid I was sadly disappointed in at least the first episode that aired Wednesday.

The camera work was amateurish, there appeared to be no formal script and Dr. Hawass was presented as irascible and supremely arrogant. I cannot understand why so many reality show producers think that rudeness and unprofessional outbursts make a show entertaining.


Anonymous said...

No formal script, yes, but the entire thing felt scripted to me.

rymerster said...

It was dreadful, staged yet badly acted, cringeworthy but it did make Cairo and Egypt look gorgeous.