Sunday, July 11, 2010

Questions re Tutankhamun penis

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Poor old Tutankhamun. There's no dignity in death when you're that famous.

Tutankhamun's penis could have been stolen because the Egyptian boy king was allegedly less-than-endowed.

According to Time magazine, a report in The New Scientist presents the possibility of an anatomical conspiracy.

However, what happened to Tut's member isn't the only mystery enshrouding the 19-year-old royal.

Scientists are still debating the cause of his death, with some attributing it to a bone disorder or malaria.

But earlier this month German researchers ruled out this theory, saying Tut was suffering from sickle cell anaemia, which could have led to organ failure.

And now new evidence suggests that Tut may have had a genetic mutation that causes weird physical effects like elongated skulls and under developed genitals.

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Alice said...

Didn't Zahi say he found it under the mummy? I don't think it's missing at all.