Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Howard Carter's house and Luxor (Zahi Hawass)

Howard Carter’s house is located on the west bank of Luxor just before you enter the Valley of the Kings. Unfortunately, it was neglected for a long time and was not being used for anything except collecting dust. I decided that this was unacceptable and that the house of Howard Carter should be returned to its former glory.

I designated a team to develop this area to think of how it could be used in the future as a valuable asset for the Valley of the Kings. I hired an excellent architect who has transformed the run-down house into a beautiful museum. Tourists can now walk through Carter’s kitchen, dining room, bedroom, office and photography studio. The most impressive thing in my opinion is a film with a real Howard Carter lecturing you. This 20 minute film is presented by a holographic Howard Carter who transports you back to the time of the discovery and shares the excitement of the opening of the tomb of Tutankhamun.

Around the same time that the Carter House project started, I began a very important project with a foreign team to make laser scanning of three tombs in the Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens. The three tombs are: Seti I, Tutankhamun and Nefertari. (Go here to view short videos on how this work was carried out.) I chose these tombs because they are unique and can never be repeated again. Therefore we have to preserve them.


Anonymous said...

Another reason to go to Egypt, And me so poor right now!

Andie said...

I am going at Christmas and hope to fit in a visit. I'll take some pics for you!

Anonymous said...

Please do. But thought they didn't allow that now.
I've always wanted to see his house. I have some old pictures but doesn't do it justice without color.
Thanks, Alice

JonathanC said...

The house was open in April - no charge but no refreshments were available

Hope you can have a cup of tea when you go