Thursday, August 05, 2010

Journal of Ancient Egyptian Interconnections

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The Editors of the Journal of Ancient Egyptian Interconnections are pleased to announce the publication of JAEI 2:3.

This is a special issue dedicated to Maritime Interconnections between Egypt and surrounding areas.

JAEI 2:3 includes:

"Spatial Use of the 12th Dynasty Harbor at Mersa/Wadi Gawasis for the Seafaring Expeditions to Punt"
Kathryn A. Bard, Boston University, and Rodolfo Fattovich, University
of Naples “l’Orientale”

"Overland Boat Transportation during the Pharaonic Period: Archaeology and Iconography"
Pearce Paul Creasman, Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research, The University of Arizona, and
Noreen Doyle, Institute of Maritime Research and Discovery

"Ahhotep's Silver Ship Model: The Minoan Context" Shelley Wachsmann, Institute of Nautical Archaeology, Texas A&M University

"From River to Sea: Evidence for Egyptian Seafaring Ships"
Cheryl Ward, Coastal Carolina University

A review of Egypt and Cyprus in Antiquity: Proceedings of the International Conference, Nicosia
D. Michaelides, V. Kassianidou, and R. S. Merrillees, eds.

(Published December, 2009)

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