Thursday, August 05, 2010

KV 63 Update


Thanks to Kate Phizackerley and her reader Len Solt for pointing out that the KV 63 website has been udated by Otto Schaden with some new information. Here's an extract but it is quite a long post so see the KV 63 website for full details.

Since my return from Egypt earlier this year, I have sent in a short report on “KV63: 2010 Season” which is now available in KMT 21 (No. 2, Summer 2010) 45-49. A more detailed report was just recently submitted to the editor of the Annales du service des Antiquites de l’Egypte. In addition to the aforementioned reports, a short summary has been sent to editor, Imad Adly of Orientalia for their customary compilation of reports on work in Egypt and the Sudan. Roxanne Wilson prepared the CD and materials for the ASAE paper and for Orientalia.

The work in the 2010 season centered primarily on Coffins A, B, D and F, plus a major effort was made to get as much pottery mending and drawing accomplished. The ASAE paper contained seven pages of pot drawings, most at 1:5 scale and one at 1:8. Many blue painted vessels were mended this past season. Once the mending and drawing have reached a good cutoff point, we will develop a corpus for the KV-63 wares.

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