Sunday, August 15, 2010

New tomb opens at Deir el Medina

Luxor News (Jane Akshar)

Jane reports that TT290, the tomb of Irynefer ("Servant in the Place of Truth on the West"), has now opened for tourists. At the same time the tomb of Sennedjem has closed. Jane has provided a good description of the tomb, so visit the above page for more details.

Mark Andrews has provided a short overview of the site on the Tour Egypt website, with some useful diagrams and a couple of photographs of the interior.

There is a stela of Irynefer at the Louvre.

Keep an eye on Osirisnet, where the Irynefer pages are currently under construction.

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Lindsey Schifko said...

Thanks for this post! I wrote about the depiction of Book of the Dead Spell 92 in this tomb for my Masters thesis in 2009. It is a very strange scene, with a solid black disk floating about. I am happy the tomb has been opened to the public, and look forward to seeing more imgaes of its decorative program on