Thursday, August 05, 2010

Photo for Today - Off topic and pure self indulgence - last lot from Lyon

I am back up in north Wales after the dentist was unable to do any work on my wretched tooth due the pain it is still giving me - so I've got another dental appointment for two weeks time, by which time the thing should have settled down. I was very fed up about the whole thing so my father exercised parental authority and recalled me to the family nest for some very welcome TLC. I'm back on the 10th if anyone needs me.

I'm having problems with email and have received nothing on my Easynet account since 9am yesterday. It's my own fault - I left Outlook up and running on my home PC, so it is busily grabbing all my messages off the Easynet servers. I have asked my ISP to re-route my emails to my Gmail account but so far they have remained stubbornly mute on the subject, although they did it for me when I last asked. Anyway, if you want to get hold of me please use my Gmail account - oddzie @ Oddzie, if you're wondering, was the nick-name of my pet cat Oddbin. By the time I signed up with Gmail anything even remotely sensible had been taken.

If you know me then you will know that I have a love of modern art. Whether or not you share my passion please forgive today's Photo for Today which is pure self indulgence! It marks the last of of my photographs from Lyon. If it makes it any better then the first of the paintings, by the fabulous Maria Helena Vieira da Silva, is entitled "Egypte." It was painted in 1948. All of the paintings on this post are located in the Museum of Beaux Arts in Lyon, France.

Finally, I forgot to bring a backup of my PC folders when I left yesterday so I'm out of Egyptology photos of my own until I get back. Instead, I'll be using photos from the Petrie Museum's database. My thanks to them for permitting this.

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