Friday, September 03, 2010

Forgot to say . . . .

I am away at the moment for my Dad's birthday. I'll be blogging again on Monday or Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

Hello, I am missimg your very informative blog,but the birthday of your father is of greater importance.
So best wishes to him and good health for the next years.
Kind regards from Germany

Anonymous said...

Is it just one person who runs this blog?
It seems like your posts are updated daily, it's hard to imagine its just one person doing it all.

George said...

Happy Birthday to your Dad!!!!!!!!!!
He's lucky to have a Daughter as nice as my own.


Andie said...

Many thanks to all, and it's great to hear from you Ray! I sent him the best wishes, of course.

In answer to the question about how many people run the blog the answer is that there's only one person updating the blog (me). But there are lots of people and who help out with content, and I have some good automated systems set up. Kat Newkirk sends me links on a daily basis, and various people send me photographs for the Photo For Today section (at the moment Rick Menges has sent me enough to last for several weeks). I also use Yahoo Alerts and Google Reader to aggregate news from around the web, and I have a list of websites which don't have RSS but which I check on a regular basis.

When I go away I either use my laptop to continue the updates if I have a wireless connection or I take time off for good(ish) behaviour, as I did when I went to see my father.

I'm a day late updating the blog but I've been busy with other things. There are, however, a lot of minor news items with which to update the blog so I'll be back online either this evnening or tomorrow!

All the best