Friday, September 10, 2010

New issue of KMT Fall 2010

KMT Magazine
Volume 21, Number 3, Fall 2010

Includes Six Feature Articles:

Laser Cleaning Tomb Paintings at Luxor (TT49) by Birte Graue, Violeta Maria Pereyra, Susanne Brinkman & Christina Verbeek

The Enigma of Kings Valley Tomb 58 by Dylan Bickerstaffe

The Film Record of the Egypt Exploration Society’s Excavations at El Amarna by Chris Naunton

Egyptian Masterpieces in the Collection of the State Hermitage, St. Petersburg, Russia by Victor V. Sorkin

Revisiting Breasted’s Egypt by Gene Kritskey

Giant of Egyptology No. 25: John D.S. Pendlebury

Plus “Nile Currents” & “For the Record,” as well as reviews of: Exodus Quest by Will Adams; Beneath the Sands of Egypt by Donald P. Ryan; Mummies in Nineteenth Century Egypt by S.J. Wolfe with Robert Sinerman; The Mysterious Tomb 63, E. Dziobek & M. Hoveller-Muller, eds.; Whose Cartouch Is That? by Artie R. DeNoyer; The Akhenaten Colossi of Karnak by Lise Manniche; Ancient Egyptian Art by Alice Cartocci; Tutankhamun’s Footwear by Andrej Veldmerijer; & Edward William Lane by Jason Thompson

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