Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Exhibition: Eton College objects at JHU

The JHU Gazette

With photo.

A renowned collection of Egyptian decorative art from Eton College in Windsor, England, has arrived at The Johns Hopkins University for long-term research and display in the university’s Archaeological Museum.

Glazed blue ceramic vessels, ritual amulets and a gilded mummy mask are among the approximately 1,900 pieces of small-scale artifacts on loan for 15 years from the Eton College Myers Collection and other collections of Egyptian antiquities. A number of the objects have been exhibited around the world over the last decade.

During their extended stay in Baltimore, many of the objects will be on display in the Archaeological Museum, beginning in late October, while the rest will become part of the curriculum through a long-term project to create an online catalog in collaboration with the University of Birmingham in England, according to Betsy M. Bryan, the Alexander Badawy Professor of Egyptian Art and Archaeology and director of the Archaeological Museum.

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