Monday, November 08, 2010

Dig Days - Nazlet Al-Samman and Pyramidiots

Saving Giza (Zahi Hawass)

There are two components to this edition of Dig Days - an understandably frustrated commentary on the "Friends of the Giza Geomatrix Team" (the mind boggles, quite frankly) and a short but informative paragraph about the investigations that took place during the laying of new sewers in Nazlet Al-Samman.

While the sewerage system for the village was being completed we dug in every street of it and were able to discover the whole route of the causeway of the pyramid of Khufu. We recorded limestone blocks in situ and also the base of the causeway in many locations. We discovered that the causeway runs for 700m from Khufu's funerary temple and then turns for 129m until it reaches his valley temple. We recorded limestone blocks to the south of the valley temple that could be the remains of a palace from which Khufu ruled Egypt, as well as a settlement about 3km south of this that could be a 4,500-year-old Downtown!

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