Monday, November 29, 2010

Lessing Photo Archive

Lessing Photo Archive

A really good photographic resource - you can download a watermarked version (like the one on this post - see details of picture at the end of this post), purchase rights to an image or buy a print. Kat, do have a look at the Late Period cat with kitten!

Erich Lessing Culture and Fine Arts Archive is an extensive image library featuring over 40.000 high resolution images from over 500 museums and many other collections. Founded and mostly photographed by Erich Lessing, the collection covers a wide range of subjects: Fine Arts, Religion, History, Music, Archaeology, Mythology, Architecture, Landscapes, Historical Portraits and Reportage.

Click to see the results from some of my searches:

Ancient Egypt
Predynastic Egypt
Louvre Egypt

The photo above is listed as an ivory boar, 4000-3800 BCE Predynastic, Nagada I. Measurements L: 10,5 cm H: 4,5 cm, from a private collection in France. It is almost certainly unprovenanced but it was so endearing that I had to post it!


AliceG said...

OMG! Lovely pictures. Thank You for this link. It's now near the top of my Egyptian favorites list.

kat newkirk said...

Thank you for discovering this site! This statue reminds me of my heart, Lilith, The Justified.