Sunday, November 14, 2010

My broadband is down

Apologies, but my broadband connection is down at the moment. It appears to be a local problem. At first my landline phone wouldn't work. After two days the complaints of friends who were getting a permanent engaged signal eventually prompted me to try it myself, with the same result (and no dial tone when I tried to make outgoing calls). So I took out and replaced all the connectors and micro-filters, swapped out all the cables and tried again. Success!! The phones work again! But, alas, the broadband now doesn't. I have no idea why. I have pared the whole thing down to an absolute minimum but nothing I do will make my broadband work. The bizarre thing is that my broadband modem (and my laptop's perception of its wireless connectivity) both think that they are perfectly connected. And both the phone and the broadband modem are connected through the same cables. I really don't get it. Any ideas from anyone gratefully received!

Anyway, until I get it sorted it's unlikely that you'll be hearing more from me than top stories and breaking news.

Cheers to all


Anonymous said...

Have you made sure it's plugged in? :P

Anonymous said...

If you are using Windows 7 (I don't know about other versions) then look at

Bonjour is also installed by iTunes. You can get the latest version at


Rhio Barnhart said...

Had a similar situation recently. It was the modem. They do wear out after a few years. Replacing it solved the problem.

AliceG said...

Ok,'m good with my computer, but you carried it out into space!

Andie said...

Many thanks to everyone who commented and emailed. All sorted now, after a frustrating few days!