Saturday, November 27, 2010

New conference - Change and solidification of an ethnie

The Predynastic of Egypt

Oh well, I guess I'll have to cave and admit that Facebook is useful for something, although it causes me an almost physical pain to link to it. Gavin Radis has a Facebook presence (The Predynastic of Egypt) dedicated to the Egyptian Predynastic ("This forum is for those interested and involved in the dissemination of knowledge about the formative millennia that were the antecedent for dynastic Egypt").

Gavin has been talking for some time about setting up a UK-based Predynastic conference. Last week he announced event details, posted below. Contact Gavin at his Facebook page if you're interested. For those of you who, like me, look at the word "ethnie" and reach for your dictionaries, Gavin has been posting various links which might be of use.

Subject: Abstracts
Dear all,

I am now asking for abstracts of 200-300 words. The central subject for each abstract should be how we identify and interpret the concept of 'ethnie'. The perspective from which this can be approached is open but the focus must fall on the terms 'ethnie' or 'ethnos' not the generalised concept of an 'ethnic group' or a concept of the social group. An ethnie is not always concerned with hunamity. The overall emphasis is on change and solidification of 'ethnie' in whatever terms you wish to characterise them.

I have not set a due date as yet but I would preferably prefer any intention to be registered as soon as possible or before the end of January at the earliest.

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