Sunday, November 21, 2010

Photo for Today - Karnak

I'm afraid that I'm in Gloucester at the moment and as I don't keep photos on my laptop there is nothing from Rick's collection of photos from the Walters Art Museum. I am running out of those, by the way, but he has also sent me a collection from another great museum so there will be many more to come in the future. Instead, I thought that I would show a set of lovely photographs of Karnak from Jon Bodsworth's Egypt Archive, with my thanks to Jon, kicking off with a great photograph of the avenue of ram-headed sphinxes and the First Pylong.

As I have probably said far too often before, I am off to Luxor for Christmas this year, so Jon's photos fill me with happy anticipation!

An avenue of Sphinxes from the time of Ramesses II lead up to the 1st Pylon which was actually the last to be built and was never completed. It dates from the Nubian Period. The small obelisk on the right was erected by Seti II.

The above link takes you to the photograph on Jon's website, but please note that he says that he will probably not renew the domain when it comes up for renewal next year, so the link may become inactive.

Photograph and text copyright Jon Bosworth, with my thanks

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