Monday, November 22, 2010

Sea People and Libyans at Medinet Habu

Luxor News (Jane Akshar)

With lots of photos.

Jane has a look at what Medinet Habu, the mortuary temple of Ramesses III can tell the visitor about the Egyptian relationship with Libyans and the Sea Peoples.

This year on my course we are studying a period of history I have never been very keen on starting with late New Kingdom. I am changing my mind. My first essay is on the Sea Peoples and Libyans and their interaction with Egypt. Now Medinet Habu is the best place to get information, OK it is Egypt's version, so more propaganda than history but compared to the rest of the world at the time it is the best documentation we have. So I decided to get some photos

First of all compare the site to other mortuary temples, note the defensive walls. So thick in places, houses could be built in the thickness in later times. This gives a good indication of the times. Temples needed protection.

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