Monday, December 06, 2010

Hemienu to Houdin: Phase One, Part B

Em Hotep (Keith Payne)

The second part of Keith's article Hemienu to Houdin, part of a superbly illustrated series looking at different theories of pyramid construction. Part A can be found here.

In Hemienu to Houdin: Phase One, Part A, we looked at how Jean-Pierre Houdin proposes Hemienu could have built two thirds of the Great Pyramid with a straight, external ramp that only reached one third of the total height of the pyramid. We also outlined how the ramp would have been three ramps in one, or rather, a ramp of three lanes, two of which alternated from level to level.

In Phase One, Part B, we will be taking a detailed look at how the alternating lanes functioned, and how Jean-Pierre thinks Hemienu would have changed his strategy once the ramp became too narrow to accommodate two lanes, while still maintaining uninterrupted work from level to level.

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