Tuesday, January 04, 2011

2011 has arrived

Hello to everyone.

I hope that you are all living up to your New Year's resolutions! I will have no difficulty living up to mine because I didn't make any. Having said that, however, a serious diet is required - I ate like a horse whilst I was in Egypt and my jeans feel more than somewhat snug! I dread to think what the weighing scales will say.

Apologies for the two weeks of absence from the blog, apart from my seasonal messages which I scheduled to be posted before I left. There was WiFi at Jane's flats but it meant going down to the lobby to get a signal and I was having too good a time to break off and go and do some work. Sorry!

The holiday in Egypt was fantastic. We had a seriously unpleasent time getting into Heathrow and then it looked as though we might not depart on the planned day - but even though we had taken all the necessary kit for an overnight stay on the airport floor our flight was one of the very few that took off on Monday the 20th and was amazingly only two hours late leaving. Heathrow Terminal 3, check-in side, was a complete hell hole and it was fabulous to arrive at quiet Luxor aiport and settle into a completely different pace of life. We got back yesterday.

I'll be posting all the backdated Egyptology news over the next couple of days, in no particular order.

I'll also post the highlights of the last two weeks in Luxor, with notes and lots of photos. There have been a great many changes in Luxor since I last stayed there in 2002, and experiencing Luxor on a self-catering basis at Jane Akshar's Goubli apartments on the West Bank made it a far more hands-on affair.

All the best to everyone for a great 2011


Julia Thorne said...

Sounds like you had a great time and I'm looking forward to hearing more about your hols (and I'm still very jealous!)


Andie said...

It is going to take a hideous amount of time to sort out all the photographs! It really was great and believe me you will be bored senseless by the time I've written it all up!!!

Jane Akshar said...

It was so lovely to see you.

dicksluxor said...

Bored, unlikely