Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Book Review (catalogue): The Art of Medicine

Art Museum Journal

Allen, James P., et al. The Art of Medicine in Ancient Egypt (exh. cat.). New York: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2005.

With photos.

Ancient Egyptians preserved one's ka (life force) after death through mummification. They were not well-known for their curative practices until recently. The Art of Medicine in Ancient Egypt, a landmark special exhibition at The Metropolitan Museum of Art from September 15, 2005 to January 13, 2006, was groundbreaking in its first-rate exploration of this neglected subject. Some 60 artifacts that date from Predynastic times through the Roman Period were freshly interpreted. Drawn entirely from the Met's superlative collection, these important objects were joined by the Edwin Smith Papyrus (ca. 1600 B.C.). Fifteen sheets in length, the New York Academy of Medicine's fragile treatise was on rare loan for this unique presentation.

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