Monday, January 17, 2011

Conference on Pyramid Science

Al Ahram Weekly (Sahar El-Bahr)

Founded in 2004, the Egyptian Association for Pyramid and Health Information Science and Research (EAPHISR), or Shams Al-Nile (Sun of the Nile), is the only Arab association working in the field of Pyramidology or Pyramid Science, says Ahmed Nasser, the association's founder and chairman.

According to Nasser, there are hundreds of foreign groups studying Pyramid Science, but the EAPHISR is the only Arab research centre, though it has almost 1,000 web members from 26 countries.

Nasser laments that Egyptian children know little about the Pyramids, whereas children worldwide, especially in the USA, are often fascinated by them. In order to bring the Pyramids closer to the Egyptian public, the association has organised many conferences and seminars attended by prominent national and international figures to discuss Pyramid Science and to provide a forum for scientists.

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