Sunday, January 23, 2011

WP-Hiero Version 1.1

News from the Valley of the Kings (Kate Phizackerley)

When I rehomed The World of Hieroglyphs, I didn't re-upload the zip of WP-Hiero. I've now created a version 1.1 of it, and uploaded that instead. You can access it via this page.

WP-Hiero is a simple hieroglyphics parser, offered as a WordPress plugin (or for stand alone use for peope who don't have WordPress on their server). It uses the NewGardiner font from Mark Jan Nederhof so is classified as non-commercial use only, which is why I cannot add it to the WordPress repository. As I say, this is the simple plugin and still very much a work in progress. It is inteaded for small pieces of MDC (Manuel de Codage) like A12-B12 or p*(t:Z4):pt

See the above page for more.

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