Thursday, February 17, 2011

Photo for Today - more from the Temple of Luxor

Thanks to everyone for the good wishes for my cold, and thanks to Kate for posting the articles that were of critical importance. A friend of mine has the same cold and the main symptom, apart from some very minor coughing and snuffling, is an inability to stay awake for any period of time. Apparently it is hitting a lot of people around the UK. Feeling much better today, and am even managing to stay awake for more than an hour at a stretch!

My favoured reading whilst sitting under my duvet feeling sorry for myself was Chapter 17 from the Book of Going Forth By Day - but it was pointed out to me that when I told friends who don't know much about Egypt that I was taking the "Book of the Dead" to bed with me whilst feeling unwell it might give out quite the wrong signals :-)

A figure of the goddess Seshat carved on the back of the throne of
the seated statue of Rameses II.

With thanks to Jon Bosworth for both text and photograph.

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