Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Yuya Heart Scarab and One Ushabti Retrieved

Al Arabiya News
 But Zahi Hawass, recently named minister of state for antiquities affairs, said in a statement that some objects including a Heart Scarab and a small Ushabti statue were found.
Part of a coffin dating back to the Modern Kingdom 3,000 years ago was also found outside the museum.

"We found two of the eight missing artifacts outside the museum between a government building that got burnt and the gift shop. We are continuing the search and will find more," Hawass told Reuters.

Other sources carry the same story in pretty much the same form, but Ahram Online states that the items were found on the ground outside the museum gift shop. Most reports also include news of the theft from the De Morgans magazine at Dashur:

Ahram Online
Minister of State for Antiquities Zahi Hawass announced that an inventory carried out at Darshour storage gallery, known as De-Morgans, by the site inspectors, reveals that there are eight missing amulets. A huge iron gate is to be erected around the gallery in an attempt to tighten security.
Andie has a cold so I will catch up on any other news headlines before I go to bed, although I don't think there is much.


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