Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hawass address to UNESCO (Zahi Hawass)

See the above page for the full address.

Although I have resigned from my position as head of the antiquities department, due to the current situation, I will continue to do everything in my power to help my country fight against the illicit trafficking of antiquities. In these dark days, when some of our most important sites are suffering from the depredations of the looters and opportunists who are taking advantage of the current power vacuum, we call upon the international community for help. The antiquities department has issued lists of antiquities known to be missing from the Egyptian Museum and from storage magazines that have been robbed; we call upon you to help us circulate these lists and watch out for these pieces should they appear on the black market. As we struggle to restore order to our sites, we call upon you for ideas and support, which we will welcome gladly.


curranart said...

You are up against it with Unesco, I sddressed them with an issue here In N.Ireland, they refered me to England Unesco, its a closed shop if your face dont fit.Never give up your cause though, there are people who care.Good luck from

Patrick Philpott said...

According to my sources, Hawass did not attend the UNESCO session. Someone else read his speech for him.