Friday, March 04, 2011

NYT says that Hawass will not be part of new government

New York Times (Kate Taylor)

Kate Taylor has posted that Hawass has said that he will not be part of a new government in Egypt. She interprets this as resignation, but I would imagine that although he may resign a government position he will still expect to be in some position of authority with regard to the SCA, although as his tenure as SCA General Secretary has expired I don't know how this would be worked.


Anonymous said...

Hey I was reading on talkingpyramids that Hawass could have been involved in the looting. That could explain his resignation. Do you know anything more on this?

Andie said...

Hi Anonymous. No, I have no further information about anything concerning Hawass or allegations made against him. Anything that I hear which seems based on fact rather than rumour I will post on the blog.