Saturday, March 05, 2011

Work resumes at Tell Basta

Thanks to Eva Lange and Daniela Rosenow (Universität Potsdam) for emailing the Egyptologists Electronic Forum with the following information about the situation at Tell Basta (Bubastis) in the Delta.

The Tell Basta-Project has started its regular spring season today. At present only Dr Eva Lange and Dr Daniela Rosenow are at Zagazig. The rest of the team will follow next week.

Today we visited the site and fortunately can confirm that all magazins and the museums have not been looted at all. Anyway as the local authorities informed us, there was an attempt to loot the site and magazine two weeks ago but the local Ghafirs were able to protect the site and no harm was done.

We would like to let all of you know that the Ministry of Antiquity Affairs has been very cooperative and supportive and we faced no problems whatsoever.

Best regards
Eva Lange and Daniela Rosenow

For anyone interested in finding out more about the Project here are some useful links. General information about the site is available at the EES website together with an article by Rosenow on the Great Temple of Bastet from the EES Egyptian Archaeology Magazine, Hawass describes it on his blog, there's a report on the statue of Nefer-Ka recovered from the site on the Museums in the Nile Delta website, and the Project has photos on Flickr here and here.

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kat newkirk said...

I know I have a one-track mind about what is important, but it's such a relief to know that Tell Basta is safe! :)