Tuesday, April 05, 2011

More re reinstatement of Hawass

drhawass.com (Zahi Hawass)

Video - 4.46 minutes.
On Wednesday, March 30th, Dr. Zahi Hawass was called from the Prime Minister Essam Sharaf in his office to be appointed Minister of Antiquities. In this video Zahi Hawass is addressing a message to all friends of Egypt.

Ahram Online

Five days after his meeting with Egypt Prime Minister Essam Sharaf renowned Egyptologist Zahi Hawass has been officially reappointed to the post of Egypt’s minister of state for antiquities affairs.

A 30-minute meeting was held between Hawass and Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi, the head of the Supreme Council of Armed Forces to discuss security measures necessary to safeguard Egypt’s antiquities and efforts to be exerted to restore Egypt’s looted artefacts in collaboration with the world community and UNESCO.

Hawass told Ahram Online that the first order of the day is to repel the 500 encroachments on archaeological sites that have been found within the past two weeks, as well as the resumption of projects that were on halt due to the revolution.

Modern Ghana (Kwame Opoku)

When Hawass resigned we questioned whether the time he choose was right seeing that Egyptian antiquities were in a bad situation, with lootings going on in several museums and archaeological sites. We cautioned those who rejoiced at his resignation that the respite the retentionists had unexpectedly gained would be very short:

“Many Western museum directors may be rejoicing at the resignation and departure of Zahi Hawass from the position of the Secretary-General of the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities. Let them rejoice for the period of respite they have unexpectedly gained will be shorter than they wish.” (2)

On his re-appointment, Hawass met representatives the young archaeologists who had protested and picketed the Egyptian Museum, Cairo, because they had no jobs. They received a promise from the new Minister of Antiquities that he would assist by continuing to create more jobs in his Ministry but he also pointed out that the problem of unemployment which is general in Egypt cannot be solved by his ministry alone


AliceG said...

Look out world, he's back! If he could just keep his mouth shut and do his job it would be wonderful. But with more power now, that just ain't gonna happen.

Anonymous said...

He clearly has not changed a bit --look at this incredible bit of egomania -