Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hawass - Recent Trip to Saqqara (Zahi Hawass)

Yesterday, I went to Saqqara to open the New Kingdom tombs for visitors. This new set of tombs includes the tombs of Tutankhamen’s treasurer, Maya, and his general who would become king, Horemheb. I want to encourage the tourists to come back, especially to visit these spectacular tombs that have never been opened to the public before. That is the great thing about Egypt, you can come here a dozen times and see different things each time.

When I got to Saqqara at 8:30am, I went to see how the work was going at the restoration of the Step Pyramid. I was very impressed when I saw the Egyptian team working very hard and I found out that they had been working there since 5 am! The project has been going for the last two years and we are successfully working to restore the world’s first pyramid.

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