Thursday, May 05, 2011

Mummy returns to Luxor

With photo.

A mummy returns to the Luxor Museum in 2003 after being out of Egypt for over a century. This mummy was removed from Egypt during the 19th century, and put on display in the Niagara Falls Museum. In 1999, when the Museum closed, the Michael C. Carlos Museum in Atlanta, Georgia, raised money to purchase the Egyptian artifacts. The mummy was examined by several leading experts in the field, who put forth possible identifications as most likely Ramesses I, but also Horemheb or Ramesses VII. After being exhibited for four months at the Michael C. Carlos Museum, it was returned by the Museum to Egypt as a gesture of goodwill. The mummy was brought to the Luxor Museum with all the dignity of a king, and large crowds lined the streets to greet it as a symbol of Egypt’s heritage returned. The mummy, possibly Ramesses I, is now on display in the Luxor Museum, and is part of a study on Ramesside royal mummies.


Jane Akshar said...

This is really old news Andie, has Hawass just published it? I had it on Tour Egypt back in March 2004 with pictures.

Andie said...

Oh well, it happens sometimes. I've given up worrying about posting the occasional out of date news story.