Tuesday, May 10, 2011

News from the Theban Mapping Project

Theban Mapping Project (Kent Weeks)

Thanks to Kate's News From the Valley of the Kings blog for the information that Kent Weeks has added an updated about KV5 to the TMP website, above 31 page document PDF format. I is dated to the end of March but like Kate I missed it.

For many of you, the most interesting activity this season will be the continued clearing of KV 5. After three seasons of difficult work, we have finally exposed the walls and floor of chamber 5, a room that we are now confident was used as a burial chamber for one of the sons of Rameses II. Unfortunately, we don’t know which son was buried there, but we now have a good idea what the scenes and text that once decorated its walls looked like, and we can identify the dramatic change its architecture underwent, perhaps when the son died unexpectedly. The results of our excavations are reviewed in the report that follows.

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