Thursday, May 05, 2011

Visiting the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization

With photos (two of Hawass with museum employees and one of the museum)

Last week I made a visit to a new museum we are building in Cairo, the National Museum of Civilization (NMEC). It is located in Old Cairo, and will be an important world-class museum when it is finished.

The construction of this museum will be finished by mid-June 2011, and when the structure is complete we will work on the interior, which will take about a year and a half. We are working on a very limited budget now, but we hope that tourism will increase in Egypt soon and we will be able to push the building project forward and get back on schedule to finish this great museum.

The purpose of this museum is to provide a comprehensive picture of the story of Egypt’s history from the prehistoric period up to the 25th of January revolution this year. A civilization museum such as this does not rely upon masterpieces, instead the focus is on the story.

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