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Online: Egyptological, Edition 1, June 30th 2011


Our first edition is on its way! Free of charge, and without advertising, Egyptological is a new online Egyptology publication with three sections to suit all levels of interest. We do hope that you enjoy it, and will appreciate any feedback. If you are interested in writing for us we are interested in a wide variety of topics, including articles about prehistoric, Coptic and Islamic periods as well as Pharaonic Egypt. You can get hold of me at the usual address or contact both of us at:

On 30th June 2011 will be launching the first edition of Egyptological, barring last minute glitches.

We hope that you will find plenty to keep you interested. If you have any comments or queries about any of the articles published, you can reply to any of them to start a discussion by clicking “Post Comment” at the end of each article.

In the Journal we have two articles in the first edition. In Shabtis in Croatian Private Collections and Museums Mladen Tomorad looks at 375 shabtis that have either been found at Roman sites in Croatia or were imported by collectors. He discusses the range of shabtis in Croatian collections by measuring them against Hans B. Schneider’s typology, and considers their significance. In The sAb in the Old Kingdom: a consideration of the title within the scope of a prosopographic study Etienne Vande Walle has undertaken an ambitious and detailed study of the bearer of the title sAb in the Old Kingdom, suggesting that the definition proposed could shed significant light on the Ancient Egyptian legal system.

In the Magazine Brian Alm has contributed the first of his five part series looking at Ancient Egyptian religion in Ancient Egypt in Ancient Egyptian Religion, Part 1. In this first part he looks at the concepts of maat, duality and magic, explaining how they are the fundamental foundations of Egyptian religion, and setting the scene for his future analysis of this vast and complex subject. Barbara O’Neill's overview of the mirror, Reflections of Eternity – an Overview of Mirrors from Prehistory to the New Kingdom, introduces how mirrors were made, used and perceived and how they developed through time. Finally, In Bloggers, Antiquities and Egypt’s Revolution Kate Phizackerley and Andrea Byrnes reveal how bloggers helped the international community to gain an accurate understanding of the damage Egypt’s revolution has inflicted upon her historic sites.

In Colloquy you will find a series of short items in the In Brief section. Both the Photo Album and In Brief sections will be updated on an ad hoc basis, so if you have a photo album, short review or article that you would like to add send them along and we will be able to post them between editions. In the current edition of Colloquy you will find two sets of photographs from Abydos and another from the British Museum. Recent articles include ornithology expert John Wyatt’s discussions of the Rekhyt bird and the Geese of Meidum, beautifully illustrated by artist Jackie Garner, Kate Phizackerley’s Gantenbrink’s Door – Part 1, The Discovery, Andrea Byrnes’s review of the BBC television show Egypt’s Lost Cities, and Rhio Barnhart’s Studying Hieroglyphs Online – Some Observations.

We already have more articles in the pipeline for our second edition but we are also looking for more contributors so if you have something that you would like to submit please see our Write For Us section, and if you are not quite sure about what you would like to write but want to chat about ideas do get in touch with us.

If you have any feedback please contact us.

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