Monday, July 11, 2011

Bob Partridge. In Memoriam

My thanks to Michael Ackroyd, who knew Bob very well, and shared many G&Ts with him (Bob once told me, with a very big smile), for these words in memory of a really lovely man who will be so very much missed:

Bob Partridge died yesterday after a long battle with cancer. Bob was one of the leading lights of the Manchester Ancient Egypt Society and for many years the Chairman. He is best known in recent years as the Editor of the Ancient Egypt Magazine which he took over almost a decade ago and steered onto its course as one of the world's leading magazines on Ancient Egypt. As a reviewer, writer and particularly as a photographer Bob's life work is synonymous with Ancient Egypt. He also lectured widely and on a number of subjects. Bob also led tours to Egypt and this is where many people will have got to know him best. Bob was extremely good company and very amusing and I cherish the times we were able to kick back and relax over his favourite gin and tonic both in Egypt and in London.

Bob had very little time for the fringe element in Egyptology and rather marvellously he was once taking a group around Karnak for AWT and was asked to keep quiet because there was an alternative group praying in one of the temples in the Open Air Museum. Far from keeping quiet Bob marched his group right into the temple and made his feelings known of the rights of misguided esoterics against genuine Egyptophiles. That's typical Bob.

Bob's picture library was absolutely outstanding and I hope very much that Peter Phillips will be able to retain control of it.

Bob was a a true amateur in the real meaning of the word who became a respected expert by sheer dint of his passion and dedication to Egypt.

Rest in Peace Bob, you will be much missed.


Thutmose said...

Very sorry to hear this. I was always interested in anything he wrote.


RobColes said...

I feel very lucky to have known Bob having met him nearly twenty years ago. My life has been enriched by the knowledge and enthusiasm that he imparted from his love of all things Egyptian. I know that he has brought pleasure to many, many others too. My condolences to his family and close friends.

Rob Coles

Anonymous said...

He will be missed: now he can see the faces of the pharaohs as one of his books was called. I liked that story about Karnak and the "esoterics".

Su Bayfield said...

A very sad loss to Egyptology.