Thursday, July 07, 2011

Harry Smith, the Nubian Survey and an A-Group Cemetery

Egypt Exploration Society

An excerpt from the Society’s Oral History Project interview with Professor Harry Smith has now appeared on the Society’s YouTube channel and is available below. In this part of the interview, which was conducted by Chris Naunton in March 2009, Harry talks about the EES' 1961 survey of archaeological sites in Egyptian (Lower) Nubia, which he directed and which formed part of the Society's contribution to the UNESCO rescue campaign. This was the last opportunity to gather information on the archaeology of the region before it was submerged beneath the flood waters created by the High Dam at Aswan.

The first half of this part of the interview appears here and a second installment will follow shortly.The recording of Harry's voice is accompanied by footage shot by EES member Dr Anthony Hovenden during a tourist visit to Lower Nubia in 1962, and also by images from the Society's Lucy Gura Archive. We are extremely grateful to Professor Smith for his time and recollections and to Dr Hovenden for permission to use his footage.

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