Tuesday, July 05, 2011

On UK television tonight: The Pharaohs' Museum on Liberation Square

Tuesday 05 July, 10:35pm - 11:25pm, BBC1 London

Should be available to UK viewers on BBC iPlayer aswell, for seven days following transmission.

From the Radio Times:

Alan Yentob has his work cut out this week, trotting after Egyptian director of antiquities Zahi Hawass as the man described as the second-dmost- famous man in Egypt (after Omar Sharif, who's also featured) strides around the Egyptian Museum. Yentob is in Cairo to see how the museum survived the demonstrations on its doorstep earlier this year. The museum did suffer minor looting - one curator gleefully points out the bloodstains left by clumsy intruders - and its status has been tarnished by evidence that it was used for torture. But Yentob clearly has great affection for its dusty displays: he's positively thrilled when the mask of Tutankhamun is casually taken out of its cabinet right in front of him so a light bulb can be replaced.

Radio Times reviewer - Gill Crawford

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