Saturday, August 13, 2011

Getting to the root of Egyptian hair

Petrie Museum Blog

Thanks to Jan Picton for the news that the Petrie Museum is co-operating in an interesting new project. Called “African Combs: 5000 years of culture, politics, and identity,” a multi-disciplinary project at the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, aims to trace over 5000 years of history of the African Comb from the Predynastic period in Egypt to the twentieth century in the UK and US. The project will include oral histories and personal testimonies that will document attitudes towards hair and grooming in the present day. Recording personal stories relating to hair combs and hair is a crucial part of this project.

To get involved at the Petrie Museum, watch for up coming workshops and focus groups on hair combs. If you can't get to the museum you can still participate.

Anyone interested in taking part in the project should contact Sally-Ann Ashton on 01223 332905, or e-mail, and for more information check their website, above.

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