Monday, August 01, 2011

Photo for Today - Temple of Tod


Anonymous said...

Interesting photo: the style of the figures suggests they date from Ptolemaic times but the still visible toolmarks further suggest the stonework is older and has been reworked. Is there any evidence to support the idea? CJB

Andie said...

Hi CJB. The temple has a long history. The remains of the temple are arrange randomly around the site as an open air museum. The oldest remains date to the Old Kingdom. The main structure appears to have been built in the Middle Kingdom. The remaining parts belong mainly to the Ptolemaic. A lot of the site is held together with modern filler. From memory, and I could be wrong, this bit is the Ptolemaic extension built onto the Middle Kingdom wall. I'll post a photo in the next couple of days of a clear example of Ptolemaic replacement of Middle Kingdom reliefs.