Friday, September 30, 2011

Exhibition: Lost Egypt - Ancient Secrets, Modern Science

Des Moines Register (Michael Morain)

With photos and video.

With a little decoding, the hieroglyphic banner at the Science Center of Iowa gave a pretty big clue about the museum’s next exhibit. It read: “Show … me … the mummy.”

Turns out, the mummy in question is “Annie,” the 2,300-year-old star of “Lost Egypt: Ancient Secrets, Modern Science.” The traveling show will open the day after Thanksgiving and remain through the spring, with artifacts and interactive displays that reveal how archaeologists use modern technology to understand ancient civilization, SCI staffers announced Wednesday.

From what scientists can tell, Annie (a nickname for anonymous) was about 17 years old when she died during a period of Egyptian turmoil. (Sound familiar?) Ancient embalmers probably didn’t know her name — they would have marked it on her coffin — but she was buried with considerable ceremony, with a gilded mask and an elaborately painted sarcophagus.

Archaeologists suspect her body may have been found in the Nile and buried according to customs described by the early Greek historian Herodotus.

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