Sunday, September 18, 2011

More re work resuming on Kebash Road

Youm7 (Dina Abdul Aleem)

Kebash Road at Karnak Temple is facing a crisis after the January 25 Revolution, according to General Security of Supreme Council for Antiquities, Mohamed Abdul Fatah.

“Development and restoratfion processes have stopped since the January 25 Resolution. Residents, therefore use the road connecting Karnak and Luxor temples,” said Abdul Fatah.

The Supreme Council for Antiques was developing Kebash Road before the outbreak of the January 25 Revolution.

Abdul Fatah said the council prepared a cohesive plan with the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Luxor governorate to protect and develop the road.

Abdul Fatah also said that Ministry of Tourism would fund the development of the road, while Luxor governorate would provide infrastructure towards restoration efforts.

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