Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Photo for Today - Temple of Luxor (open air museum)


kat newkirk said...

I don't remember ever seeing a Lioness Goddess wearing this crown before. You have a good eye! Any idea what the larde head was used for?

Andie said...

Hi Kat. I'm glad that you like the goddess. No, I've no idea what the large head was used for - there are very few labels in the open-air museum, and this had nothing to explain precisely where it was found or what it was originally attached to.

Anonymous said...

These items are on the damp-proofed benches on which the large collection of loose blocks are being stored for safe keeping and possible future restoration of walls etc. By the style of the hieroglyphics, it is a Late Period/Ptolemaic piece, but in the photo it looks as if it is also a re-worked block.
The large head might (and I'd emphasize the conditional nature of this thought) be from the base of an obelisk or a solar altar as it looks as if it is a baboon.