Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Exhibition: 19th Century Photographs of Egypt, Florida

Art Daily

With a magnificent sepia photograph of the Sphinx, Great Pyramid and an unlikely group of visitors to the area on camel-back - check out the beard of the chap on the left. Oh to be in Florida right now!

Egypt was an exotic land to nineteenth-century European artists. Painters, writers, and photographers traveled to Egypt to explore, document, and interpret this great country, its civilization, and its newly discovered antiquities. Technical advances in the young medium of photography encouraged direct observation and the advancement of knowledge.

The more than 40 images in Forever in a Moment capture this wonderful sense of discovery. The exhibition is the third in a series unveiling the magnanimous gifts of photography from Ludmila and Bruce Dandrew and Chitranee and Dr. Robert L. Drapkin. Additional works have been lent by The Drapkin Collection, Timothy Welsh, and another private collector.

Forever in a Moment beautifully complements Ancient Egypt—Art and Magic: Treasures from the Fondation Gandur pour l’Art, Geneva, Switzerland, an American premiere opening at the Museum of Fine Arts December 17.

The majority of the photographs in Forever in a Moment are European. They capture some of the world’s most imposing archeological sites. Many are now on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

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AliceG said...

DeLand, Florida. 10 am and it's only 69 degrees. But expect 80 today. Then only a high of 64 tomorrow. Normal for this time of year. LOVE it. Wish you were here.