Saturday, December 10, 2011

KMT Winter 2011-12


Thanks to John Rauchert for the above link.

KMT Volume 22, Number 4, Winter 2011-12

Includes Five Feature Articles :

“The Third Intermediate Period at Karnak” by Aidan Dodson

“Four Ancient Egyptian Papyri in the Collection of the Russian National Library” by Victor V. Solkin

“Ancient Egypt in Avignon, France: The Egyptian Collection of the Calvet Museum & the Exhibition ‘Fantastic Egypt’” by Lucy Gordan-Rastelli

“Egyptianized Richmond, Virginia” by Kenneth Ostrand

“Egyptomania on the James: The Egyptian Collection of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts & the Exhibition ‘Mummy: Secrets of the Tomb’” by Peter J. Schertz

Plus “Nile Currents” & “For the Record”

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