Monday, December 05, 2011

More re prostate cancer in an Egyptian mummy

The Portugal News

An Egyptian mummy, more than 2,000 years-old, belonging to the National Archaeology Museum (MNA), is a unique specimen after having been diagnosed with prostate cancer, according to researcher Carlos Prates.

Following three dimensional tomography exams throughout the entire body, the mummy, which is around 2,300 years old, was diagnosed with a tumour in the prostate with bone extensions.

“It is a unique case, probably the second oldest known. There is a find with a similar hypothesis in some very degraded bones found in Sibeira, analysis results which presume the cause of death was prostate cancer, but there is no radiography, nor images, and it is dated to 2,700 years; whereas the Lisbon mummy is 2,300 years old,” Mr Prates, radiologist and leader of the clinical team that made the discovery told Lusa News Agency.

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