Friday, February 17, 2012

EES Magazine: Egyptian Archaeology 40

Egypt Exploration Society

EA 40 will be published in February/March 2012. The EES news pages include a progress report by Chris Naunton on the rehousing of the Society's Lucy Gura Archive, and accounts of two recent trips made by groups of EES members - to Berlin and Ethiopia - as well as news and photographs from the Society's 2011 Annual General Meeting and other events. In addition to regular features such as ‘Digging Diary’  and ‘Bookshelf’  the issue includes the third in the series of short interviews with leading Egyptologists, Five minutes with Neal Spencer, and the following articles:

David Jeffreys, Memphis in the Middle Kingdom: the field school. Inset: Rebuilding the Memphis workroom

Joanne Rowland, The first archaeological field school at Quesna

Kenneth Griffin, The Book of the Dead in the tomb of Karakhamun

Veit Vaelske, Terracottas from Tell Basta

Pascale Ballet and Gergory Marouard, Workshops and urban settlement in Buto. Inset: Bérengère Redon and Guy Lecuyot, The baths of Buto

Robert Schiestl, Investigating ancient settlements around Buto

Angela McDonald and Sally-Anne Coupar, The Egyptological afterlife of Colin Campbell

Manuela Lehmann, The city of Avaris after the New Kingdom

Manfred Bietak, The archaeology of the 'gold of valour'

Margaret Maitland, Pharaoh: ideal and reality

Pierre Tallet and Gergory Marouard, An early pharaonic harbour on the Red Sea coast

Bookshelf has reviews by Alice Stevenson (Tine Bagh, Finds from W M F Petrie's excavations in the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek), Rosalie David (John H Taylor, Egyptian Mummies), John H Taylor (Agathe Legros and Fréderic Payraudeau (eds), Secrets de Momies) and Peter A Clayton (Ivor Noël Hume, Belzoni: The Giant Archaeologists Love to Hate), with an account by Anna Baghiani and John J Taylor of the recent identification of the grave of Sarak Belzoni.

Digging Diary has brief reports on recent fieldwork in Egypt, including a note by Susanne Bickel on the recent discovery of KV 64.

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