Saturday, February 04, 2012

Exhibition: Papyri, Mummies, Gold in Warsaw

The Warsaw Voice

A bowl retrieved from a tomb in Thebes, scarabs and other treasures of ancient Egypt unearthed during archeological digs are on show at an exhibition at the Archeological Museum in Warsaw until the end of May.

The exhibition is entitled Papyri, Mummies, Gold… Michał Tyszkiewicz and the 150th Anniversary of Polish and Lithuanian Excavations in Egypt. Count Michał Tyszkiewicz was the first Polish explorer who focused on ancient Egypt. A century and a half ago, he found gold, papyri and mummies by the River Nile. A part of his collection was lost, while 125 of the most interesting artifacts that have survived can be now seen in Warsaw.

Tyszkiewicz’s excavations took place in Karnak, Western Thebes, the Esna area, Wadi es-Sebua (Nubia) and in Saqqara. Tyszkiewicz had astonishing success. His collection of around 800 items was added to the collection of the Louvre Museum and laid the foundations for Egyptian collections at several museums in Lithuania.

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