Sunday, March 04, 2012

Lecture notes: Loose blocks from Osirian chapels

Luxor News Blog (Jane Akshar)

Thanks to Jane for sharing another set of lecture notes. 

Great début lecture from Jeremy Hourdin (more info here He used French translations of the Egyptian names and I have put them in English with the help of my trusty TIP by Kitchen as my French is useless. E.g. Chepenoupet = Shepenwepet.
He was talking about blocks that have been recovered and their place at Karnak. Some blocks were from Sphinx Avenue and others from the Bubastis gate. 
Sphinx Avenue Blocks: 17 blocks have been discovered in the excavations in Sphinx Alley that are part of a chapel of the 25/26th dynasty. They refer the Shepenwepet (daughter of Piankhy) who was a contemporary of Taharqa. She was adopted by Amenirdis I (daughter of Kashta). She was a God’s wife of Amun 690-664BC.
There are a number of chapels to Osiris that were built by her at Karnak during this period such as Osiris Nebankh and Osiris Ounnefer who is in the Ishat (persea) tree and another chapel at Medinet Habu and possible still other chapels (at Medamud) that have been destroyed. Where do these recently discovered blocks come from? 

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