Saturday, March 03, 2012

More details re Nehmes-Bastet and KV64

Not a lot new here, except that the dimension of the mummy and the coffin are now provided (with a substantial discrepancy between the two heights), and there's a nice account of the discovery of the site.

Having examined the inscriptions, which have yet to be completely decrypted, the scientists say they are dealing with a woman called Nehemes-Bastet, which means “May the goddess Bastet protect her”.

“What is astonishing is that the sarcophagus is two metres long, but the mummy, which is perfectly preserved, is only 1.55m,” Bickel said.

“We think the deceased was a singer for Amun-Ru [one of the most widely recorded Egyptian gods]. Her title shows she was part of the elite. She probably acted as a priestess from time to time during major processions.”

Bickel said it was the first time a tomb had been found in the Valley of the Kings of a woman who was not linked to the royal families.

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