Thursday, April 05, 2012

Minufiyeh Survey update

EES Minufiyeh Survey

With photos.

In preparation for this week’s backfilling of the trenches, some protective measures needed to be carried out on the mud-brick structures in Trenches 11 and 12. Some cracks had started to appear and we decided that it would be prudent to try and make the structure stable before the backfilling on Wednesday and Thursday this week. Richard came down to the trench and worked together with Yasser to improve the situation. We had to send one of our workers into the fields below the site to get a sack of soil, which was then mixed with water to the right consistency. Richard and Yasser, using makeshift wooden spatulas (thanks to Richard’s trusty pocket knife!) gently pushed the mud deep into the cracks and added more until it came just to the surface. Richard was careful not to introduce mud beyond the cracks themselves, so as not to alter the actual appearance of the structure beyond its original form. The work was most successful and we hope that when we re-open the trenches in August all will be well.

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